Wednesday, 15 August 2012

keep it beautiful

hai.. emm hri ni hri jdy ak.. emm x dak ap yg special pon besa2 hri ni dh genap umoq 20 thun..
jdy mknanya..dh dewasa la kn..emm blom lgi mnigkat dwasa kot haha..
apa2 pon x dak ap nk hrap n nk mntak sgt cuma nk nkmati hidup ni dgn sepuas-puasnya ble gitu ble la kn..
apa yang penting skrng ak dh smkin hri smkin kuat utk mnempuh sgla dugaan ,cbran y mndtng insyallh..smua ni dgn izin-Nya jgak..

dugaan n cbaran yg trlalu berat ku tempuhi jgak wlaupon pyah n ssah utk mghadapinya..haha x tau nk tlis ap dh ni..emm kdng2 2 trfkir jgak btul ka lgkah yg ak ambik ni ..mng btul di x prnah igt hri jdy ak x prnah bila dh lepas bru trigt ad ka ptut ak x prnah lupa hri jdy dia knpa dia blh lupa..emm x pla lg pon rmai mmber ak yg mmberi smngat n drongan..spya trus kn hdup tnpa dia..

psti akn ku jlni wlauponn perit n skit..ddn adanya kluarga n kwan2 ak truskn jgk krn mrekalah smngt utk ak trus hdup..mrekalh pnguat smngt dhari2 ku yg muram trima kasih whai rakan2 n shbat..syg u all smua
tiada kata yg dpt ku ugkapkn hnya ucpan trima ksih n tiada hdiah dpt ku berikan hnya doa ku iringgi ..
semoga jalinan persahabatn ini akn keka hingga akhir hayat..insyallh amin

wlau ap pon yg trjadi
wlau skitnya kita
wlau susahnya kita
ingt lah sntiasa ad org dblkng kita..dn msih ad org yg peduli n sygkn kita
yg penting allah sntiasa ada..
so..KeEp Life BeAutiFUl..da nite emm actually it's morning.slmat bersahur n slmat hari rya maaf zhir n btin

Saturday, 21 July 2012

in couple 2 months

sorry i did't up date my entry this lately cause im not in m'sia for couple of month im in medan,indonesia doing my practical in there so i did't really have a connection n i did't bring my ladtop in there. .eem what else should tell emm about medan ha hopefully everything gonna be ok but i did't really suitable with that condition n enviroment. .at the first everything was ok but when comes to 3 weeks i always getting flu,cough n fever so it's continue until i come back homes. .the language was totally different with what im looking in the tv cause medan language was different with jakarta not same what i look on tv. .so in the another way i have to learn their language n guess what i made it! i can learn n speak in their language to ngengee. .next was their food auughh. .i really can't stand to eat their food cause im not suitable with their food. .i always eat fruit that i buy at INDOMARET. .in m'sia it's kind like SEVEN ELEVEN. .now i let u see medan city. .
 this was polonia airport. .

 choco bakery in here i always buy bread. .

 in here i always shopping at r.o.m.p lots of clothes. .it's cheap 

 also same in here's so much scarf. .a lots of telekung n kain pelekat. .

 i was arrived in here n i have to walk to inside after get down from plane. .

 in here were im doing my practical. .

 see. .the right sides he was dr tuahman purba tq for ler us to practical at your hospital. .

 also in here i always buying my stuff. .

it's igd or emergency wad. .different right ?

so that it's i can show u all how u a little bit about medan if u want more go by yourself ha. .hehe by the way get enjoy just want to share. .da. .n selamat menyambut ramadhan. .da. .have a nice day

Thursday, 12 April 2012

hate this part right here

 i don't know what are happen in my life. .i waiting to do visa cause i will going to medan indonesia next week but yesterday already happen earthquake so we have to post pond until everything gonna be ok. .but right now i really really hate this part right here . .ii don't know feel like something missing goes somewhere but i dont know what it is. .really. .why it's always be like this. .frend that i know already change a little bit by little and then forget me just like that. .i don't care they do like that just i feel a little sad. .that's it. .yeeah maybe it's true what people say. .anybody can change . .i just hope i will be more stronger hopefully

Sunday, 5 February 2012

1 month in miri

tada . .look this was the city that i living for this two months it's a little bit weird cause im not usual with their place n enviroment. .but i take it as a challenge . .i will survive with it . .until this time everything was going so good . .but im really tired i event have time for my self cause in here day was so short n night was long . .so when it's night nothing much we can do . .just eat n sleep causewe must wake up early in morning . .but i really really miss my home ouh nothing feel better as my home . .
(this was hospital miri that i work)
eem . .what else i want to say . .ha i missed my family domo dommo doomo
hope they doing well . .im done enough for this time huhu. .♥ lol

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

new life

it's already 2012. .im going to a new life n new world. .evrything going fine im go through by the time event thought there's have more things that i want it . .but i still keep going n make it be real slowly by slow . .right now im in miri. .im in prctical at hospital miri,sarawak . .huhu it's fun cause im get to know a new place new culture new enviroment new people evything was new . .i hope evrything gonna be okey . .just want to keep being single in this year until in the end of this if i can cause i  give more time for my self no more to else!!no girl on the move go on girl

Thursday, 1 December 2011

complicated sadness

emm. .what else i can say ha. .just today he contact  me after 2 weeks . .what the hell he doing ha im to patient wait for him . .ough. .don't know how i can stand with him . .if my frend know they will mad to me but it's me when im with someone i will wait for it i not kind can forget or leave something just like that. .by right now im happy he contact me back n the same time im angry with him cause make me wait for him . .but i love n miss him damn so much . .by that time i cried cause i missed him . .but im worried he will change mind n then leave me . .ohh no. .i will pray he not do that to me. .right now it's really really complicated n sadness to me. .just hope n pray everything goona be fine . .please i just want to live my life please allow me to be happy. .i also have my right to been through all of this for the rest of my life right?i just want him back that all not much . .k la it's done for today i will come soon hopefully with a good news . .da bye bye luv luv luv. .

Monday, 31 October 2011

i was thinking

i was thinking if in out there still have someone for me cause now im really confused i already be frend with this guy at the first we just frend after we hang out n go out a couple days like that we realize that we fall in love n love with each other . .after a few months n couple of months later him change . .he don't like before he not treat me like before n it's slowly slowly not like a couple . .im ask him cause i need to know the truth what really happen it's i had do something wrong or what ?the answer is such a rubbish thing i can't accept that . .n now i don't know what my status it's frend or couple . .for this two weeks i can't contact him cause the sim card is expired and he don't want to buy until our ptptn comes out . .how could he do that to me . .n now im really missssssed him like a damn!!!but he pretend like nothing happen . .if he know im like going crazy now . please i need him to do something . .i really luv u stupid!!why you don't understand!!i was thinking if he belong to me?