Saturday, 21 July 2012

in couple 2 months

sorry i did't up date my entry this lately cause im not in m'sia for couple of month im in medan,indonesia doing my practical in there so i did't really have a connection n i did't bring my ladtop in there. .eem what else should tell emm about medan ha hopefully everything gonna be ok but i did't really suitable with that condition n enviroment. .at the first everything was ok but when comes to 3 weeks i always getting flu,cough n fever so it's continue until i come back homes. .the language was totally different with what im looking in the tv cause medan language was different with jakarta not same what i look on tv. .so in the another way i have to learn their language n guess what i made it! i can learn n speak in their language to ngengee. .next was their food auughh. .i really can't stand to eat their food cause im not suitable with their food. .i always eat fruit that i buy at INDOMARET. .in m'sia it's kind like SEVEN ELEVEN. .now i let u see medan city. .
 this was polonia airport. .

 choco bakery in here i always buy bread. .

 in here i always shopping at r.o.m.p lots of clothes. .it's cheap 

 also same in here's so much scarf. .a lots of telekung n kain pelekat. .

 i was arrived in here n i have to walk to inside after get down from plane. .

 in here were im doing my practical. .

 see. .the right sides he was dr tuahman purba tq for ler us to practical at your hospital. .

 also in here i always buying my stuff. .

it's igd or emergency wad. .different right ?

so that it's i can show u all how u a little bit about medan if u want more go by yourself ha. .hehe by the way get enjoy just want to share. .da. .n selamat menyambut ramadhan. .da. .have a nice day

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