Thursday, 1 December 2011

complicated sadness

emm. .what else i can say ha. .just today he contact  me after 2 weeks . .what the hell he doing ha im to patient wait for him . .ough. .don't know how i can stand with him . .if my frend know they will mad to me but it's me when im with someone i will wait for it i not kind can forget or leave something just like that. .by right now im happy he contact me back n the same time im angry with him cause make me wait for him . .but i love n miss him damn so much . .by that time i cried cause i missed him . .but im worried he will change mind n then leave me . .ohh no. .i will pray he not do that to me. .right now it's really really complicated n sadness to me. .just hope n pray everything goona be fine . .please i just want to live my life please allow me to be happy. .i also have my right to been through all of this for the rest of my life right?i just want him back that all not much . .k la it's done for today i will come soon hopefully with a good news . .da bye bye luv luv luv. .

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