Tuesday, 11 October 2011

mr know it all

hey ..it's been long time i did't do my entry yeah . .cause im too buzy this lately actually i had new story to tell you all ya..it's bout me of course la cause this my blog haha . .my bf dump me for the thirth time im tired n die inside but i keep faith n keep move on event i can't go on . .cause it's not in the end of my life right . .what ever it is i have to keep on my life im just wish that im will be more stronger than before i don't want cry anymore enough . .i let my tears out to much  . .keep it why should i cry for someone that never can appreciate me for what right but the true is i always cry in inside . .im just pray for a better live that all..
GIRL ON THE MOVE!!go on girl . .

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