Monday, 31 October 2011

i was thinking

i was thinking if in out there still have someone for me cause now im really confused i already be frend with this guy at the first we just frend after we hang out n go out a couple days like that we realize that we fall in love n love with each other . .after a few months n couple of months later him change . .he don't like before he not treat me like before n it's slowly slowly not like a couple . .im ask him cause i need to know the truth what really happen it's i had do something wrong or what ?the answer is such a rubbish thing i can't accept that . .n now i don't know what my status it's frend or couple . .for this two weeks i can't contact him cause the sim card is expired and he don't want to buy until our ptptn comes out . .how could he do that to me . .n now im really missssssed him like a damn!!!but he pretend like nothing happen . .if he know im like going crazy now . please i need him to do something . .i really luv u stupid!!why you don't understand!!i was thinking if he belong to me?

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