Wednesday, 6 July 2011

take it easy a few days this week it's had so many things happen im feel down now don't know la what happen everyone round me always had sometime got wrong with me i's so much pain i been through i just want to live my life way always had a bad things happen to me i don't know it's a things that i have be through to reach happines? . . .what else i have to do i don't know who?how?what?i have to do . . .who i suppost to tell . . .how im gonna go through . . .im just a girl . . .a teen girl i need everything what i have to have but i don't have all that all teen girl have sometime i just fell like i want be a kid cause i don't have to think   n be through all this pain things not strong when i can't hold it my tears will comes out n im tired too tired  
why my life have be like this why i never get a better live what should be like this ? why . . .but what im try to do now just pray for the better live n take it easy like nothing happen i have to do that . . .

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