Tuesday, 19 July 2011

one day

one day . . .i know god had already write something for me for my life . . .i know n i believe it just wait n see i know the time will come . . .i don't want cry no more don't want let this tears come out for whos doesn't love love me...whos doesn't appreciate me as i am so why should i think n take bout him what i have to do is appreciate whos care me whos love me as i am right ... im gonna live my live prove it i can do it with him by my side had someone else deserve than him event him my first love doesn't mean i should wait like a stupid cause him don't event care about me!!!so i have  move on!!!right?k la done in here im wanna sing a long charice song one day it's motivated me ...da bye bye wish you all had a good good day . . .

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

take it easy

eem...in a few days this week it's had so many things happen im feel down now don't know la what happen everyone round me always had sometime got wrong with me i confused...it's so much pain i been through i just want to live my life way always had a bad things happen to me i don't know it's a things that i have be through to reach happines? . . .what else i have to do i don't know who?how?what?i have to do . . .who i suppost to tell . . .how im gonna go through . . .im just a girl . . .a teen girl i need everything what i have to have but i don't have all that all teen girl have sometime i just fell like i want be a kid cause i don't have to think   n be through all this pain things ...im not strong when i can't hold it my tears will comes out n im tired too tired  
why my life have be like this why i never get a better live what should be like this ? why . . .but what im try to do now just pray for the better live n take it easy like nothing happen i have to do that . . .