Thursday, 16 June 2011

what's wrong with me

it's comes again i didn't know how this will happen cause i never want it!!!i never want this will happen cause it's hurt n i can't hold it!!!im too's kill me everytime i think about him my heart feel's want's comes out n i feel just like die...cause im still waiting in line...somebody tell me why im on my own...cause i don't know how to move on with all this im not strong enough...i don't know how much my tears comes out everytime im think of him oh god please help me to out from this box...

at night i always have a tears for you...did you know im too tired being like this...i don;t know what wrong with me i try too many ways to forget it...i know it's hard i realize that i can't forget it so i try to ignore it n move on my life like nothing happen...the truth is i never can forget it!!!

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