Thursday, 23 June 2011

need to sleep i really2 tired cause i start class at 9 am until i pm so have to wake up early morning take bus n to go collage...after finish class i go to kangar town to go libary to find book for my assigment it's hard cause their arregment of book in that libary not systematic so i have to spent a lot time to find it luckily my frend found for me haha....after hang up in that libary in a few hour so i had already tired so at 3.30 pm we wait bus to back  apartment...after that i open n take out all my things n grab my towel n go straight to bathroom n take bath...ater that i lay in my bed n than i sleep until 6.15...than i wake up watch tv ...haha thats what im doing today i don't know la but now i really really tired but i have a strengh to write this entry haha...k la done here bye bye wish you all have a nice day

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