Saturday, 18 June 2011

my strengh

ha this my my phone don't look like this cause it's already lost the color as you know im sometime to clumsy so my phone always fall down hehehe...actually this my second phone before this i use sony eicsson k300i but my brother already sold it n he buy me a new phone hehe actually he don't buy for me i uses him money hehehe...this phone always be with me when im bored sometime 24 hour's with me yeah i don't have bf so this phone will be my bf yup...i luv my phone's always be with me actually when night la cause i always hear song in radio this phone so it's will sing until i sleep the way this phone is my strengh if i lost it i will bw crazy you know when im sad when im happy when im bored it's always be with me so this is my strengh!!!

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