Thursday, 26 May 2011

penat la

already finish do my note cause tomorrow is my last exam i had pharmacology2 tomorrow haha but im not study yet im too tired la ha tomorrow i will back home my home sweet home penang!!!yee...emm but i have to take exam first after that i can go back ha i will take bus from kangar to butterworth in there my dad will pick me up haha...n thats things i cant wait most is my mum cook haaa...miss that much went i back home after my mum back from market at morning my mum will ask me like this ila mak ada beli ayam nk masak rendang ka kari n i will reply back eem ikut mak la hahaha like that mum always ask me what i want eat what i want he cook for me its sweet right i luv muxch my mum...luv you.....n not to forget my dad cause him always want talk n tell me everything happen you know...when i arrived at butterworth my dad will pick me by motorcycle haha cause you know penang always busy yeah its second busy city after proud im born in penang!!!emm i will continue bout my dad when i arrived him will tell me non stop n every triffic light we stop right him will tell n keep on do it until we back home hahaha...thats my dad i want thank him cause always give me money haha thank u...eem ok la its done in here tomorrow if had time i will up date my blog ya thanks for who read my entry n follow my blog thanks a lot thank u...da wish me for exam ya hahaha bye bye lol!!!

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