Wednesday, 25 May 2011

cant wait back home

haha ney ak la haha

eem bru lpas study ney tpi da g skit tpi ak mlas dh nk study otak dh penuh haha...hari ney ok la tpi ak gram sgt2 exam pharmaceutic3 ssah la...eeeee...gramla...tpi x pla let by gone be by gone right!its only one day only i want go back home ha cause i will back this friday ha i go back to my hometown penang yeee.....cant wait for that you know...eem what else ha i want say ha?haha today after come back from exam im very rush i go bath n sleep until evening cause im too tired and i miss to watch marimar sad but i have to take a rest right so tomorrow i had basic microbiology exam pray for me ya...eem okey la tomorrow if i had time i will right my entry ya k da bye2 gdnight luv u all muahxx...

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