Thursday, 1 December 2011

complicated sadness

emm. .what else i can say ha. .just today he contact  me after 2 weeks . .what the hell he doing ha im to patient wait for him . .ough. .don't know how i can stand with him . .if my frend know they will mad to me but it's me when im with someone i will wait for it i not kind can forget or leave something just like that. .by right now im happy he contact me back n the same time im angry with him cause make me wait for him . .but i love n miss him damn so much . .by that time i cried cause i missed him . .but im worried he will change mind n then leave me . .ohh no. .i will pray he not do that to me. .right now it's really really complicated n sadness to me. .just hope n pray everything goona be fine . .please i just want to live my life please allow me to be happy. .i also have my right to been through all of this for the rest of my life right?i just want him back that all not much . .k la it's done for today i will come soon hopefully with a good news . .da bye bye luv luv luv. .

Monday, 31 October 2011

i was thinking

i was thinking if in out there still have someone for me cause now im really confused i already be frend with this guy at the first we just frend after we hang out n go out a couple days like that we realize that we fall in love n love with each other . .after a few months n couple of months later him change . .he don't like before he not treat me like before n it's slowly slowly not like a couple . .im ask him cause i need to know the truth what really happen it's i had do something wrong or what ?the answer is such a rubbish thing i can't accept that . .n now i don't know what my status it's frend or couple . .for this two weeks i can't contact him cause the sim card is expired and he don't want to buy until our ptptn comes out . .how could he do that to me . .n now im really missssssed him like a damn!!!but he pretend like nothing happen . .if he know im like going crazy now . please i need him to do something . .i really luv u stupid!!why you don't understand!!i was thinking if he belong to me?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

mr know it all

hey's been long time i did't do my entry yeah . .cause im too buzy this lately actually i had new story to tell you all's bout me of course la cause this my blog haha . .my bf dump me for the thirth time im tired n die inside but i keep faith n keep move on event i can't go on . .cause it's not in the end of my life right . .what ever it is i have to keep on my life im just wish that im will be more stronger than before i don't want cry anymore enough . .i let my tears out to much  . .keep it why should i cry for someone that never can appreciate me for what right but the true is i always cry in inside . .im just pray for a better live that all..
GIRL ON THE MOVE!!go on girl . .

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

one day

one day . . .i know god had already write something for me for my life . . .i know n i believe it just wait n see i know the time will come . . .i don't want cry no more don't want let this tears come out for whos doesn't love love me...whos doesn't appreciate me as i am so why should i think n take bout him what i have to do is appreciate whos care me whos love me as i am right ... im gonna live my live prove it i can do it with him by my side had someone else deserve than him event him my first love doesn't mean i should wait like a stupid cause him don't event care about me!!!so i have  move on!!!right?k la done in here im wanna sing a long charice song one day it's motivated me ...da bye bye wish you all had a good good day . . .

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

take it easy a few days this week it's had so many things happen im feel down now don't know la what happen everyone round me always had sometime got wrong with me i's so much pain i been through i just want to live my life way always had a bad things happen to me i don't know it's a things that i have be through to reach happines? . . .what else i have to do i don't know who?how?what?i have to do . . .who i suppost to tell . . .how im gonna go through . . .im just a girl . . .a teen girl i need everything what i have to have but i don't have all that all teen girl have sometime i just fell like i want be a kid cause i don't have to think   n be through all this pain things not strong when i can't hold it my tears will comes out n im tired too tired  
why my life have be like this why i never get a better live what should be like this ? why . . .but what im try to do now just pray for the better live n take it easy like nothing happen i have to do that . . .

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

eat to much

today...start from morning until now i can't stop morning i eat bread n soy afternoon i eat rice n curry n then in evening i eat popia...right now i finish eat pineapple look how much i eat?today I EAT TO MUCH...pleasela my stomach like ballon now please make me stop from eat enough for today...omg i don't tonight i will eat again or not sometime i can't control...hehe...actually for a day i only eat once or twice for the day but today i eat three time can't believe it...whatever...things already happen right k la done for today i want sing a long selena omez song-love you like a love song haha...k bye bye take care wish you all have a nice day da...

Friday, 24 June 2011

maharaja lawak

habis sudah maharaja lawak ala.....pas ney sya x bleh dah gelak besar2 haha...pa2 pon ok la wlaupun jozan x menang it's ok hehe cuma terkilan skit je...jozan mmng best la sbb ak mmng minat ngn jijan ney hehe by the way congratulations to sepah cause juara semalam terkejut gak sbb sepah jdy juara kt sni ak x bleh tgok astro pham2 je la dok hostel mna da kemudahan smua 2 an kcuali la swasta yg 5 star an...hehe k la done here lapar dh ney jap g nak tgok hindustan kt tv3 hehe k bye bye take care yoo...

Thursday, 23 June 2011

need to sleep i really2 tired cause i start class at 9 am until i pm so have to wake up early morning take bus n to go collage...after finish class i go to kangar town to go libary to find book for my assigment it's hard cause their arregment of book in that libary not systematic so i have to spent a lot time to find it luckily my frend found for me haha....after hang up in that libary in a few hour so i had already tired so at 3.30 pm we wait bus to back  apartment...after that i open n take out all my things n grab my towel n go straight to bathroom n take bath...ater that i lay in my bed n than i sleep until 6.15...than i wake up watch tv ...haha thats what im doing today i don't know la but now i really really tired but i have a strengh to write this entry haha...k la done here bye bye wish you all have a nice day

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


this song from natasha bedingfield...
actually i had a thing that related with this song actually it's related with me...
this song tell's bout ourself that need soulmate it's same with me i been through this live just by my self...i had a broken heart n im alone i need someone to hold...i need love i need someone to share my love to be with me that someone can hold me when im can't stand by my own...i need someone that can be with me no matter what happen...i need someone that can hear my problem can hear my sadness can hear everything that i want tell it...if you know that i really really needed you please come back to me i can't be strong without are everything for's soulmate dear...i need you to be my soulmate


emm...this my entry today actually i did't know what to write im just go with the flow hihi...emm i will tell what i been through for couple days yea...okey we start now i know that im happy person always make loud with frend always make a joke with frend but sometime i also get touch when someone do like what don't want talk with me i know sometime i will hurt people or get other touching but im like LET BY GONE BE BY GONE  so if it's happen let it happen nothing else we can't do right it's not like GIVE UP but we can't back to that time n change but what ever it' what we have to do is MOVE ON...right?sometime i feel like everyone be to selfish yeah they only do n needed when they have to do something or need something...but what i do just silent cause i don't like to talk bout others let it be cause i believe in karma WHAT'S GOES AROUND COMES AROUND...okey i don't want talk much bout this done here k la wish you all have a nice day da bye bye LOL...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

my strengh

ha this my my phone don't look like this cause it's already lost the color as you know im sometime to clumsy so my phone always fall down hehehe...actually this my second phone before this i use sony eicsson k300i but my brother already sold it n he buy me a new phone hehe actually he don't buy for me i uses him money hehehe...this phone always be with me when im bored sometime 24 hour's with me yeah i don't have bf so this phone will be my bf yup...i luv my phone's always be with me actually when night la cause i always hear song in radio this phone so it's will sing until i sleep the way this phone is my strengh if i lost it i will bw crazy you know when im sad when im happy when im bored it's always be with me so this is my strengh!!!


today i feel like want to #### haha...i don't know what the problem of *** i don't know la what *** want...just do your bussiness don't take care bout others la...if you don't want other talk bout you please la don't talk bout others...i know that im not perfect i know im not to smart yeah it's me i can't be others so stop blame others yea...i can't change me to be others so stop stop it wtfish!!!ha take that i don't like to say like that to people but it's comes out...ha it's not my fault okey...i did't know who's *** talk bout im not too angry but just want to remind don't talk bad about people no body's in this world PERFECT!!!remember that yoo...smetime pople like to look down to other people bcause they can't acieve what others can't ...cause everyone had their don't look badly to other' more thing DON'T JUDGE THE BOOK JUST IT'S COVER!!!ha okey la im done here i don't want talk much bout this im apologize yooo...if had anyone touching or emotional ya don't don't...again i sad IM NOT PERFECT!!!k la im sorry if my entry will make you fell like want to weeeuuuk...sorry yoo k la bye bye hope you all had a nice day da...

Thursday, 16 June 2011

what's wrong with me

it's comes again i didn't know how this will happen cause i never want it!!!i never want this will happen cause it's hurt n i can't hold it!!!im too's kill me everytime i think about him my heart feel's want's comes out n i feel just like die...cause im still waiting in line...somebody tell me why im on my own...cause i don't know how to move on with all this im not strong enough...i don't know how much my tears comes out everytime im think of him oh god please help me to out from this box...

at night i always have a tears for you...did you know im too tired being like this...i don;t know what wrong with me i try too many ways to forget it...i know it's hard i realize that i can't forget it so i try to ignore it n move on my life like nothing happen...the truth is i never can forget it!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

balik perlis

esok balik perlis...ala malas la dh la pointer mcm x elok ja adushh.....mlas mlas mlas ah nk blik eeem...tpi nk wat cm na kna blik gak sbb kna ambik slip sem4 pnya plak adoi la mcm mna la nk bgi pointer 4 flat ney dh la mcm kna wat kat asrama 2 bju selungguk x lipat lgi adoi la mlas nyer tpi x pla kta orng la an ssah dhulu bersenang2 kmudian btul x?haha...k la mato aden ney dh ngntuk dh ney k la aden nk tidor esk nk kn ap butterworth pastu blik perlis adush...k la da bye bye take care wish you all had a gud dream ya 

Thursday, 9 June 2011


ha...ney la akibatnya hujan rintik2 nk kuaq gak kn dh kna flu adoila...(hasheeeem.....)
2 kn...ish2 kisahnya mc ney smlam lpas on9 ak bring2 la pastu terlelap jap...sbb bband ney lju la sgt an smpai tertido ak tnggu last2 begang off trus la jwabnya an...lpas 2 ak bgun bsuh mka p la depan tgok tv jap...dlm pkul 5.3o pm cm 2 la...pastu mak ak ckp p la kuaq bwak yaya ronda ak pon msuk la blik tkar bju bgai an nk kuaq la kta kn pdahal g ronda ja...kluaq2 hujan rintik2 mlas nk ptah blik ronda ja la tpi jap je stengah jam pon x smpai kot haha...hri ney pon cm nk hujan g ney...haha alamat nya dok umah ja la an pngajarannya ialah jgn kluar klau hri mendung yew...nty dpat demam x psal ja...haha k la hri ni x buat pa pon dok dpan lad top ney ja dok bla bla bla sorang2 smbil2 sing a long haha...2 yg nk ujan 2 haha...k la done for today da...bye bye jga ksihatan au... 

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


ha hri ney bkn nk crita psal lost ney tpi psal ak haha
x tau la pa yg x kna ngn ak ney la dia lma dh lost dri hidup ak tapi ak still dok trigat g bkn nk sgt igt kt dia tpi eeemm...
haha sengal an mlut ney dok ckp la x mau x nk igt la apa la an
tpi...ah ssah la brapa lma la nk jdy lgu ney ish ish...
x pla pa2 pon ak hrap gud things will happen ae...
wish for that...amin

Saturday, 4 June 2011

i wish you were here

when i miss you i dont know how to say i just say on the paper cause i cnt tell afraid to afraid to tell you...i know you dont like it that's why i write it...i cant heal it cause it's to hurt hurt me much...
if you know i write too much pages much more pages...i know it's been 3 years seen we brake up but we break up just with small things it's just miss leave me in the rain did you know my tears fall down with the rain in that night why you dont give us second change?
did you know everyday i wait a call...message...from you but its never ever you contact alone n im hurt why didn't you come n take me wash away my pain?
i need you i really really need you...every were i go i see you in every were when i close my eyes what i see i you...i dont want be like this swear i dont...if i can i want forget you forever...

if i see you with another girl i dont know what to do...maybe i walk away i leave you there before you regonize me so better i go before you...i always do that you know when you on line i will go off line...
so you can on line without me on line do you know?
when at night i cant sleep cause my pillow too you know why cause i miss you n my tears drop on my pillow..........
did you i wish you were here damn damn damn!!!

Friday, 3 June 2011

nur kasih the movie

ha kat sni la ak ngn my frend n my brother lepak sni tdy kmi p tgok nur kasih the movie ak ngn member ak hujan(nangis) tpi adik ak kat sbelah control macho la cuz x mau la kta dia 2 lembek knon2 nya la tpi kmi tgok pgi dlm pkul 12 mmng x rmai la orng p tgok stu kerusi yang pnjang 2 pon x penuh mmng best la x rmai orng sja nk p hri ney sbb mmng tau x rmai cuz n elakkan kesesakkan la haha...klau hjung mnggu mmng rmai orng nty jmpa la kwan2 lma so i want elakkan drpd terjumpa mka2 yg mmng ak x mau tgok menyampah....back to my story yeah crite nur kasih mmng best la sedih sgt2 bgi ak la pndpat orng berbeza an sbenarnya ak x kisah pa pon pndpat orng len sbb msing2 da pndpat msing2 an....mmng best la jlan crita dia lgu2 pon best menyentuh kalbu la haha....hri ney mmng penat la jlan stu pacific 2 lenguh oo0...kakiku lenguh
ney habis depan belakang kiri kanan pacific 2 kmi posing haha...k la done in here i will back soon da bye bye wish you all had a gud gud life
ni la pacific
(rindu la plak kt smeone ney cause dia sllu bwak ak kt sni waaaaa......rindu kt hang la....pham x!!!)maaf la dh terlebih sdah haha

Thursday, 2 June 2011

haha i make burger

today everything was ok cause today i was make burger haha its ok la not too bad...i make for yaya n my little brother its ok right cause im not goog in cooking haha...i jnow its time for me to cook but right now i dont feel want to learn cook right now haha.....its okey i will learn by my self haha
actually this not burger that i made itcause i dint snap it haha my phone had problem haha but its ok i put a pic of burger haha how it's deliceous right yum yum yum ok la done for today i will up date new entry later da luv u the please try make it by yourself ya da take care wish you all have a nice day

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

make it sweet

its june already n im in mood rest n don't want do nothing just eat,watch tv,hearing song n eat a lot haha
im try make my life sweet event though it's hard heemmm...why its suppost happen to me im tired been through all this im tired cause what i want never get it...emm k la i dont talk about this cause it'too hurt me what ever get back to my life i will make it sweet however it's cause i want life my live cause it's short right i want buy house i want do a lots thing n i will work for it until i get it so why i should be down cause lot thing that i doesnt do it so i wake up n try try try very hard you know haha maybe i lonely but its ok i will life my live k la its morning already so have a nice day da bye bye may allah bless you all da...

Sunday, 29 May 2011

bosan kekeyanggan...

hri ney bngun ja pgi mkan laksa haha ak bgun x la pgi sgt dh pkul 11 pon haha sbb smalam tido pkul 3 haha bca blog pnya psal la bkn slah blog 2 pon slah ak la syok sgt bca smpai x sedar dh pgi dh pon pstu bgun tgh hari la jwabnya eem...sbenarnya ak bosan la hri ney nk kluaq mto x dak plak jdi dok kt uma ja la smbil check check it out blog nk kt fb boring la kt tweet byk yg luah prsaan n up date status haha so ak bca blog kn tpi skrng btul2 ak kekenyangan sbb mak ak wat nasi tomato sama rendang sedap kn 2 yg skrng ney jd cm ular sawa dh haha...nk jmpa kekasih hati pakwe pon x dak so lyan ja sorang2 haha....jdi spa2 yg nk jdy bf sya bleh la antar msej kt sya yew haha(cam desperate jew)bkn desperate tpi sunyi ooo...skrng ney ok g tpi kdng2 2 sawan la gak tpi under control g au...haha k la im done in here thanks for read my entry ya bye bye

Friday, 27 May 2011

dh sampai umah yee

eem pgi tdy ak ada test abis ja test ak blik hostel pastu siap2 terus ambik beg call teksi p stesen bas bli tiket balik butterworth smpai ja butterworth ak kna ikut abah ak ambik adik lelaki ak kt sek teknik nibong tebal sampai umah ak rest jap pastu makan n then ak g kdai pastu bwak kwan ak g ronda(yaya dia ikut ak blik penang haha...sbb kmi nk tgok wayang nur kasih kt pacific)haha...abis stu taman ak bwak yaya ronda haha...mlm pas smbhyng mghrib kmi tgok crita cun smbil wat popia skrang ney kmi da atas ktil layan lgu smblum nk tido haha...spa2 nk enjoy mai la haha...eem ok ja ak hri cma penat skit ja hehe...tpi x pa da teman yaya da kt atas ktil ney haha...x la sunyi sgt ak cuti ney haha...eem k la penat ney nty ak up date entry bru ya k da bubye bubye gdnight luv all

Thursday, 26 May 2011

penat la

already finish do my note cause tomorrow is my last exam i had pharmacology2 tomorrow haha but im not study yet im too tired la ha tomorrow i will back home my home sweet home penang!!!yee...emm but i have to take exam first after that i can go back ha i will take bus from kangar to butterworth in there my dad will pick me up haha...n thats things i cant wait most is my mum cook haaa...miss that much went i back home after my mum back from market at morning my mum will ask me like this ila mak ada beli ayam nk masak rendang ka kari n i will reply back eem ikut mak la hahaha like that mum always ask me what i want eat what i want he cook for me its sweet right i luv muxch my mum...luv you.....n not to forget my dad cause him always want talk n tell me everything happen you know...when i arrived at butterworth my dad will pick me by motorcycle haha cause you know penang always busy yeah its second busy city after proud im born in penang!!!emm i will continue bout my dad when i arrived him will tell me non stop n every triffic light we stop right him will tell n keep on do it until we back home hahaha...thats my dad i want thank him cause always give me money haha thank u...eem ok la its done in here tomorrow if had time i will up date my blog ya thanks for who read my entry n follow my blog thanks a lot thank u...da wish me for exam ya hahaha bye bye lol!!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

cant wait back home

haha ney ak la haha

eem bru lpas study ney tpi da g skit tpi ak mlas dh nk study otak dh penuh haha...hari ney ok la tpi ak gram sgt2 exam pharmaceutic3 ssah la...eeeee...gramla...tpi x pla let by gone be by gone right!its only one day only i want go back home ha cause i will back this friday ha i go back to my hometown penang yeee.....cant wait for that you know...eem what else ha i want say ha?haha today after come back from exam im very rush i go bath n sleep until evening cause im too tired and i miss to watch marimar sad but i have to take a rest right so tomorrow i had basic microbiology exam pray for me ya...eem okey la tomorrow if i had time i will right my entry ya k da bye2 gdnight luv u all muahxx...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

better now

this me and my frend ha guess which is me... blog is already done his third time i make it hope i will not do it again cause hard la...and im tired cause had put all back member2 that support me thanks much ya...luv you all!!!hahaha.....tomorrow i had exam hope i will do it and you guys pray for me ya...
this friday i go back to penang yeee.....cant wait for that later i will up date my entry ya wait!!!k bye i want sleep n im not finish study yet cause make this blog haha...da wish you all had sweet dream n gud day


damn...this new blog my old blog cant log in i had to do new one!!!hope you all enjoy i will up date new entry later yea wait for me ya.....sorry